Key Skills

Urban Design and Master planning

My experience enables me to identify and understand the requirements of a wide range of stakeholders and requirements from planning documents to produce feasible master plans.


Urban Renewal & Regeneration

I have extensive experience managing the complex process of urban renewal and regeneration demands, and am able to create both social and economic solutions for residents and developers.


Transport Planning

I have a proven track record in the development of sustainable transport, including cableway systems. My experience enables me to guide clients to the resolution of complex planning issues, particularly where a balanced approach is required, combining both placemaking and transport planning skills.

Cycling Concepts

I have a high level of experience in developing cycle path networks. I use a participative/coordinated approach, and understand the importance of stakeholder participation at all stages of a project. I enjoy combining my knowledge of cycle path planning with urban design to deliver attractive and well designed and achievable solutions.

Presentations & Graphic Design

I have significant experience in giving presentations to clients (both public and private sector), stakeholders and members of the public. I am skilled in designing brochures, leaflets and presentation boards to outline planning issues and proposed developments.

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